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In the early 1990s, R&W Concrete expanded its expertise to structural, cast in place concrete. With an emphasis on getting the job done, on time, and on budget, R&W has provided general contractors with safe, reliable work crews. R&Ws extensive experience has provided innovative solutions to expedite the successful completion of complex projects, including Bay Area landmarks like the new Bay Bridge.

W2 Footings

New Bay Bridge:

R&W concrete performed work on the W2 and T1/E2 footings projects. The work on W2 included forming and place and finish of two mass concrete footings of over 5,000 CUY each and 50-foot retaining walls on both footings. R&Ws work saved the project schedule 45 days from the base line.

T1 and E2 Footings and Columns

The work on T1/E2 included the placement of concrete for the piles, footings, and columns. R&W work on the New Bay Bridge will serve Bay Area commuters for many years to come.

DelValle WTP

Water Treatment / Water Supply:

R&W Concrete has expertise in the construction of water treatment plants, water reservoirs, and pump stations. Our specialized crews have completed projects for various agencies throughout the Bay Area. Forming, placing and finishing large Clarifiers, Junction Structures, Aeration Basins, and other buildings have become a specialty of R&W.


Merced Manor Reservoir

R&W has completed various retrofits and rebuilds of reservoirs in the San Francisco Bay Area. These include the complete reconstruction of the Lombard Reservoir and the Seismic Retrofit of the Merced Manor Reservoir.




R&Ws building projects range from large slabs and footings for the MUNI Third Street Light Rail Maintenance Facility to complete cast in place buildings with architectural features like the OMC building for the new Devils Slide Tunnel. R&W has also constructed tilt-up structures at the College of San Mateo.

Some Other Structural Projects:

Alemany Pump Station

San Francisco Water Department

Lombard Reservoir

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Penitentia Water Treatment Plant

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Priest Reservoir Bypass-Pipeline

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Water Treatment Plant Grit Facility


101/Bailey Interchange


OMC Building for Devils Slide Tunnel


Novato Wastewater Facility

Novato Sanitary District

San Francisco General Hospital

City and County of San Francisco

Brentwood Water Treatment Plant

Contra Costa County Water District

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